PIVOT Architecture Office

PIVOT Architecture

Bright, open, finely-appointed, and well-crafted, our office provides an inspired environment for our daily interactions and creative work.

Our office design celebrates contemporary digital life while revealing aspects of an old building that are noble and graceful. Nestled between the original 1927 decorative concrete columns lies a perforated, sculptural shell that envelopes those functions necessitating enclosure. Everything else is in the open – where ideas are freely exchanged, knowledge gathered and passed, culture shared, and achievements celebrated.

An operable glass wall allow us to “loosen-up” our conference room for larger gatherings. Ample whiteboards offers space for pinups and creative space for our kids’ expression. Workstations are crisp and lean, allowing the flexibility to relocate often as teams evolve. The "phone booth" provides a space for private calls, and our break room encourages the sharing of meals and conversation.

Our space is a daily reminder of the power of design to lift the human spirit; we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Toby Barwood, Scott Clarke