What matters most to us is helping others create inspired spaces. It's what drives us.

Who We Are

We are artists, technicians, and doodlers. We are tinkerers, inventors, and proud parents of children and ideas that have come from across the country and beyond. Foremost we are architects and interior designers with detail-oriented mindsets. We seek to challenge each other, inspire our clients, and elevate our community to work toward making the world a better place.


What We Do

We help others navigate the sometimes complex process of making space. As designers, we think up new buildings and new ways to use old ones. Whether it’s a small office renovation, a transit shelter, an industrial operation center, or a housing complex, we create interior environments that feel fresh, gulp daylight, and sip energy. We design for now and make provisions for the future. By managing talented teams of designers and engineers, we are focused on solving clients’ challenges with space, time, and money. And we try to do it in a way that simultaneously strengthens relationships, builds trust, and creates beauty.


LCC CLASS Rendering

LCC CLASS Complete

What Drives Us

There is no greater satisfaction for us than to see clients fall in love with their new space. When jaws drop, when eyes get big, and people marvel at the results of hard work, we know we’ve done our job well. Because we believe all projects should revolve around clients’ values, budget, and dreams, the inspired spaces we create satisfy clients’ pragmatic imperatives and also aim to lift the human spirit through excellent design.

We strive to have fun in our work, leave room for laughter, and encourage our clients to enjoy the process of creation. We live for pivotal moments where complex ideas become exceptionally designed spaces and our teams are able to thrive.

Fun with materials

Where We Started

Our firm started more than 65 years ago in Eugene, Oregon with a structural engineer who dreamed of being an architect. Relying on both of his skill sets, Bill Wilson created places with strong bones and a warm heart. Names have changed and others have joined the firm over the years to contribute to the growing communities of Oregon, evolving our firm and expanding our services and geographical reach. Our work today is very different from 1956 in that it must address a raft of contemporary challenges from energy use to security. But it still has our founder’s spirit: strong bones and a warm heart.

How We Work

Being trusted advisors is a role we cherish. Therefore, we feel it is our responsibility to create healthy environments that consume resources efficiently and provide lasting value. The process of creating inspired spaces involves an amazing amount of communication – from napkin sketches to collaborative workshops and everything in between. We draw, model, verbalize, plan, guide, review, facilitate, coordinate, and then do it all again. When we get stuck we ask for advice and grab some chocolate.

Our services are tailored to each client and project and involve frequent communication—whether it’s electronic or face-to-face—ensuring projects remain on target regarding budgets and scope as we guide them from initial thoughts through construction and beyond. Within our studio, we work in teams, bouncing ideas off one another, offering advice, learning and growing, and always seeking better ways to perform our craft.

Fun with materials

Where We're Going

Now with our seventh generation of firm leadership, PIVOT is broadening our relationships and making places that are more relevant and resilient than ever before. Maximizing the investments made by private and public clients alike, designing for a “long life and loose fit” that enables flexibility and adaptability in our ever-changing world. Protecting our planet’s resources, using less energy, and creating healthy places for humans. Creating valuable places for all members of our communities in spaces large, small, and in between.