Bliss Office

Coconut Bliss

Finding a peaceful space in an office environment can be a challenge. But at the Coconut Bliss headquarters, the “Bliss Space” is the heart of the office.

By placing an area that allows for solitude, meditation, yoga—or an impromptu team meeting—at the core, PIVOT not only found a design solution, we helped Coconut Bliss express their values in this collaborative space. We began with the ideals that have come to define the makers of the delectable coconut ice cream and translated them into tangible design elements that intertwine the company’s distinct brand identity and unique office culture.

The project converted a former restaurant and banquet hall into a creative, collaborative, open office environment with special attention paid to maximizing visual connectivity while enhancing acoustical privacy.

PIVOT worked with BRING, a local recycling center, to salvage unwanted demolition materials—including a walk-in freezer!—and diverted more than two tons of construction debris from the landfill. The project targeted LEED-Silver certification but we achieved Gold!


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Kelley Howell