Yachats Fire Station

Yachats Rural Protection District

Yachats lives up to its motto of being a “gem of the Oregon Coast.” While the area is known for its rugged beauty, the Pacific Ocean also poses a potential threat to the charming little town.

With its old station located well within the tsunami inundation zone,  YRFPD acquired land out of the danger area and turned to PIVOT Architecture to lead them through a bond process to build a new station. After developing a strategy for the successful bond measure and facilitating public meetings, PIVOT led the design of the new station capable of withstanding a major tsunami.

For the design, PIVOT led the YRFPD board, firefighters, and design team to verify the project’s basic parameters. The primary goal was to provide tsunami and earthquake resiliency on the new site which provided unique challenges; a significant portion of a hill needed to be excavated and bolstered, and a creek needed to be relocated. In addition, to provide resiliency, extensive pilings were added to the foundation to secure it in bedrock.

Another key design goal was one of frugality creating a residential feel to the station since it is a hub for the community. At the old station, they sold duck eggs to anyone who walked into the app bay so they wanted to keep that “always welcome” character.

The new facility provides a functional station that serves both firefighters and the community, channeling the unmistakable energy and charm of this remarkable town on the Oregon Coast.



Jacky Grey, Scott Clarke