Campbell Community Center

City of Eugene

Idyllically set in Eugene’s riverfront park, the Campbell Community Center provides its visitors with opportunities to take painting classes, do yoga, work in its spacious woodshop, and always have access to 25-cent cups of coffee.

To determine how the facility could support the community, PIVOT walked the City of Eugene through visioning exercises which helped the Campbell team understand the design process. The principles derived from the process included creating a welcoming, accessible, and inclusive environment that allows patrons to feel connected to the community. They also sought a fun environment for programs that promote physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness.

As a popular meeting place in Skinner Butte Park, a connection to the park and the river was paramount. The interior design draws in aspects of the river through biophilic design, the use of natural materials, and integrates the natural surrounding through larger windows.

“This is wonderful! I love all the choices,” said Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis at the grand opening. “The openness, all the colors, the swirls. It’s beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful to design a building and see people enjoy it? It’s so gratifying.”

The project was the recipient of the 2021 People's Choice Award in the Public/Institutional category from the Eugene chapter of AIA Oregon and is LEED Silver.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Toby Barwood