Roseburg Public Safety Center

City of Roseburg

Before the Public Safety Center was constructed, the last new facility built for the City of Roseburg occurred when "The Godfather" was in theaters, the Miami Dolphins went undefeated, and President Nixon visited China. It was 1972.

With that context in mind, PIVOT landed on a design goal to create a flexible facility that would grow with the city for decades to come.

The structure co-locates the fire and police departments into a single complex that anchors the edge of the downtown historic district. Both departments were in need of new headquarters but funds were limited. In order to provide new stations for both, they agreed to share a building ā€“ and the Public Safety Center was conceived.

Diverse requirements produced an ā€œLā€ shaped building in which the two departments were housed in opposite ends and united by central community spaces.

The sloped site adjacent to a creek presented some unique challenges and PIVOT, collaborating with RRM Architects, was able to utilize the uneven topography to the advantage of both departments. Through the creation of a split-level building, police evidence is kept in secure underground spaces and fire trucks can loop around in drive-through apparatus bays.

Through the use of downhill grading and a series of bioswales, storm water is cleaned before it enters Deer Creek whose rehabilitated banks now house a public walking path.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Kelley Howell