Roosevelt Operations Center

Eugene Water and Electric Board

This 52-acre campus hosts a public utility with two primary products: electricity and water. EWEB’s values of stewardship, conservation, and fiscal responsibility permeate the site, which feature 14 acres of reconstructed wetlands, on-site wastewater treatment, and buildings that are modeled to use 47% less energy than comparable structures.

The campus includes an Engineering and Operations Building, Fleet Maintenance Building, and Warehouse carefully crafted to be of a unified design and celebrate natural, durable materials that are both permanent and seemingly one with the natural surroundings. Every morning, the 400+ employees walk across a common entry bridge unifying a workforce that embraces the diversity of tasks to which they disperse for the day.

Electrical and water themes became the inspiration for both programming and designing the site while the wetlands drove the environmental response. Working within the context of new and restored wetlands, we were able to play a role in improving their viability and shaping the experience of campus users, visitors, and the public with pedestrian walkways, overlooks, and interpretive signage. Building occupants love the light, airy feeling inside, and many have scopes trained on the wetlands for frequent wildlife viewing. Green lights located in office areas advise when the conditions are right for opening the windows for further connection to the outside world.


Architecture, Interior Design

Scott Clarke