Eugene Police Headquarters

City of Eugene

After decades being located at the back of the old City Hall, the City of Eugene purchased a nondescript office building to become the new Police headquarters. With a wish list a mile long and a constrained budget, the design team set about creating the functional and cultural spaces essential to supporting this essential public safety agency.

The overall site was re-designed to create a new public entry and a presence that reflects the pride and honor of the EPD. Interior spaces were upgraded to improve communication and efficiency between divisions and to provide much-improved locker rooms, suspect intake, holding, and interview facili­ties. The existing building required significant seismic, electrical, and HVAC upgrades to meet essential facility requirements which challenged the design team to be diligent and resourceful in order to maximize the constrained budget. As much as possible, original building features were re-used in order to save costs and use resources effi­ciently.


Architecture, Interior Design