Crescent Valley High School CTE Remodel

Corvallis School District

As a commitment to expand career technical education (CTE), the Corvallis School District turned to PIVOT Architecture to design the major renovations and addition to Crescent Valley High School. Work focused on the CTE disciplines for pre-engineering, design, autos and applied arts.

Wood Shop

An exterior covered work area was added to provide space to chainsaw-mill local wood into lumber with storage areas for it to dry. Inside, natural light permeates the expanded shop from enlarged windows and added roll-up doors where intermittent brightly colored walls give the space vibrancy and contrast the polished concrete floors and gray cabinetry. Each station has centralized dust collection and electrical bus bars for multiple power configurations.

CNC Rooms

Acting as a seam between the wood and metal shops, two CNC rooms provide sound and mechanical separation between the spaces with ample windows and double doors supplying visibility and connections between all four spaces. The dedicated spaces allow long programs to run without disrupting other classes.

Metal Shop

Adjacent to the CNC rooms, and visible through connecting windows, the south wall of the 2,700-SF metal shop is constructed with perforated, bent metal panels, sealed plate steel, an accent color wall, and gray cabinetry. Retractable power cords from bus bars and pneumatic air lines descend from the ceiling allowing for easy movement and flexibility within the space.

Welding Room

An 11-bay, 520-SF welding room, equipped with individual gas lines and wall-mounted exhaust ventilation, is accompanied by storage and quick exterior access. The welding room has snorkeled exhaust at the brazing table and a separate mechanical system from the other spaces.

Auto Shop

The two bay, 1,700-SF auto shop is equipped with roll-up doors adorned with protruding, tapered metal shrouds allowing for easy access to a secure parking area where temporary canopies provide a covered outdoor workspace. Each bay is equipped with an auto lift and exhaust tubing to vent noxious elements while students learn through hands-on experience.

Other Improvements

The project also included improved art spaces, gym upgrades, exterior improvements, seismic safety, ADA upgrades, a new artificial turf field, a resurfaced track, and more.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Kelley Howell, Alexis Thomas, Jacky Grey, Karen Williams