Cheldelin Middle School Renovation

Corvallis School District

At Cheldelin Middle School, PIVOT designed renovations to the library, cafeteria, restrooms, and created a new STEAM CTE “maker space.”

For the CTE space, a wood shop was converted into a multi-use STEAM classroom with programming and flexible furniture for project-based learning. The open nature of the space creates flexibility for different types of work. Support spaces along the perimeter allow for small group study, hands-on work, and break-out meetings in small rooms. The dynamically angled ceiling clouds provide an acoustically controlled instructional area while the exposed ceiling above the project area reveals the structure and building systems that support the flexible electrical and lighting needs of the adaptable zone.

The library renovation included technology upgrades, small group work areas, and an overall layout flexibility for instruction and events. A strong organizational axis for circulation was delineated through a yellow acoustical ceiling cloud which is echoed in the carpet tile. Lounge areas providing students with casual interaction spaces round out the renovation.

For more inclusive restrooms, the design team worked with the District and students to develop a new design. It was developed with input and ideas from the students’ points of view as it relates to safety, user experience, desire for choice, and cleanliness. We also worked closely with the District leadership, teaching staff, facilities management, and administration to address concerns of safety, sight lines, cleaning, vape detection, and behavioral change management. The collective input led to a holistic design for boldly colored, individual lavatories which have been well received by all.

Additional school improvements included a new main entry security vestibule, renovations to the cafeteria and kitchen, and seismic improvements. Building systems were replaced and refurbished increasing overall energy savings.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Kelley Howell, Alexis Thomas, Jacky Grey, Martha Wassweiler