RapidRide Expansion and H-Line

King County Metro

PIVOT was tasked with re-envisioning the RapidRide BRT stations using a kit-of-parts approach. The original shelter components were evaluated and, based on input gathered from KCM staff and public outreach, PIVOT developed three design options.

The selected option simplifies the stations’ design with a fabrication process that is adaptable for site-specific situations. It also provides a cohesive and recognizable set of amenities for an enhanced passenger experience. The distinct shelter and informational pylon are a custom design that act as wayfinding elements for RapidRide customers, expressing the agency’s brand in a three-dimensional form.

Parametrix led the RapidRide expansion project. WSP led the H Line project—the first of KCM’s RapidRide lines to implement the new kit-of-parts approach.

The first new RapidRide addition in nine years, the H Line is one of eight RapidRide bus routes in Seattle. The 13-mile route connects the suburban city of Burien with downtown Seattle with buses every seven minutes during peak service and every 15 minutes off-peak.

Photo by Thomas Hawthorne, King County Metro.


Transit Station Architecture

Burke Wardle