FX Bus Rapid Transit


FX is the first high-capacity bus system in Portland, OR providing faster, more reliable service on a crowded corridor that was served by an overwhelmed  fixed route.

The stations were inspired by the pattern of doors and windows along the dense, urban corridor. Three sizes of shelters, a station marker, seating, trash, and signage create a flexible kit-of-parts that can be assembled in a variety of ways, providing a range of rider protection and responses to individual contexts.

The WSP-led, 14-mile route features more than 60 PIVOT-designed station platforms of varying configurations fitting appropriately within their settings providing weather protection, lighting, and passenger amenities. It also includes upgraded improvements like protected bike lanes, accessible ramps, sidewalks, and pedestrian crossings on the line that connects downtown Portland and the suburb of Gresham.


Architecture, Design, Transit Station Architecture

Scott Clarke, Francisco Toledo