The 2019 PIVOT Fellowship

The content of the fellowship researched tapped into how to apply design and participatory strategies into K-12 design in order to create spaces more welcoming to immigrant or refugee students. We looked at the history of school design through the decades and how they addressed the challenges of the time in those examples. The presentation also goes into the pre-design process and how to apply the input of all the stakeholders into consideration before going into drawing board. From exploring how students from different cultures learn to applying security in the facility, the research redefines the role of an architect when it comes to applying the interests of the users and the community that the facility serves.

This project was inspired through Luigi’s lived experience as an immigrant student going to high school in the United States and his sense of belonging. Overall he had a good high school experience so he tried to deconstruct what went well for him and try to quantify some of that information. However, he is very aware that he was an exception in many ways so the research focuses on many possibilities and outcomes rather than focusing on one way to approach the challenge.

To see Luigi’s presentation, click here.

The PIVOT Fellowship is a means of fostering original thought about issues outside the daily routine or obvious future trajectory of our firm’s thought process. PIVOT Architecture selects one fellow per year partially based on the nature of their project proposal. The term runs from June until September.

The PIVOT Fellowship is open to BARCH, BIARCH, MARCH, and MIARCH students for the summer preceding their final year of study at the University of Oregon. One student is selected following an application process that includes review of the candidates’ proposals for a project of their choice to be executed over the summer of the fellowship.

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