Prairie View Housing

Cornerstone Community Housing

Thoughtfully arranged around beautifully landscaped grounds, a playground, community garden, and commons building, the Prairie View development consists of 64 affordable housing units, ranging in size from studios to three bedrooms. 

The PIVOT team approached the project differently than many multi-family housing projects, understanding that a thoughtful design would promote the wellness of its inhabitants. Our design intent was to create a bustling village atmosphere, where individual units would face common greens to promote social interactivity and provide families a connection to their children’s outdoor activities. Careful attention was paid to proportion and scale; large buildings are made less imposing visually through the design of varying roof forms and projections that give the development a feeling of a dense village. 

The choice of materials and architectural components further embrace its Northwest location. Large overhangs, sheltered patios and covered balconies acknowledge the climate and provide year-round protection. Board and batten siding used in conjunction with lap siding are familiar materials, and the large timbers at the buildings' entries serve as welcomed reminders of the region’s environment and history. 


Architecture, Interior Design

Kelley Howell