New PIVOT People

PIVOT Architecture in Eugene, OR recently hired two new design staff members. Shirin Majlesein, a native of Iran, joined the firm in April and Jacky Gomez, who hails from La Grande, OR, joined the firm in June.


people_shirin_headshotShirin Majlesein, originally from Tehran, Iran, joined PIVOT as a designer in the spring of 2016. Shirin has lived in the US for two years and moved to Eugene a year ago. She holds a master’s degree from University of Tehran. While in Iran, Shirin worked at an architecture firm and was involved in designing diplomatic and residential buildings. She has won several travel awards and a national architectural contest for designing a bridge across Haraz River in Iran. When not at work, she always has a canvas on an easel waiting for her.

Jacky Gomez recently graduated with a Master’s of people_jacky_headshotArchitecture from the University of Oregon. She holds undergraduate degrees in mathematics and art from Eastern Oregon University.  She has several years of hands-on construction experience in concrete form and finishing, carpentry, drywall, and cabinet making. When she is not working, she enjoys fishing, furniture making, motorcycles, classical piano, backgammon, and surfing.