Parish School & Catholic Church Master Plan

St. Paul Catholic Church

PIVOT began a master plan and schematic design of the existing site and facilities supporting both the St. Paul Parish School and Catholic Church. The existing facilities have served them for over 60 years but did not fulfill their aspirations for their educational environment, support facilities, and the needs of the children, staff and church community. PIVOT led them through an inclusive and comprehensive design process that identified their desired strategic outcomes and key design principles for advancing the work.

Together with their mission statement and goals, PIVOT developed a comprehensive master plan to replace all school facilities in a two-phase approach. Planning also considered long term growth options. St. Paul Parish School serves 280 students in grades K-8 in an area projected to see population growth in the coming years. Security and safety were a high priority for the campus and are addressed by creating a single point of access to the school campus.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Kelley Howell, Francisco Toledo, Scott Clarke