Corvallis School Distrcit

Corvallis School District

PIVOT continues to participate in multiple projects for Corvallis School District. Upcoming work at Cheldelin Middle School includes renovation of the library, media center, cafeteria, restrooms, and bleachers in the gym, as well as renovation and creation of a new CTE “maker space.” Maker spaces are collaborative work environments for making, learning, exploring, and sharing. They use high tech to no tech tools, and often have a variety of maker equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, soldering irons, and sewing machines.

PIVOT will also upgrade and improve ADA accessibility at Cheldelin. Harding Center will receive a new multi-use cafeteria and improved ADA accessibility, along with renovations to locker rooms, restrooms, and roof and gutter system. Two classrooms will be renovated to support CTE projects. PIVOT is also completing work for Corvallis High School, including roof replacement on the main building, new concessions and softball dugout facilities, new outdoor classroom space, and renovations to the CTE space. At Crescent Valley High School, we are improving accessibility to the gym with the addition of an elevator, new security enhancements, building systems replacements, and modernization and expansion of the CTE facilities.

Designing in the COVID Era

The design of Corvallis High School’s renovation started, and will be completed, under COVID-19 restrictions. This design process, unique due to the circumstances, was crafted to create an engaging, virtual environment for small site team meetings, medium-sized milestone and cost estimate reviews, and larger design advisory community meetings. Virtual Zoom breakout rooms, sketching tools, and web-based collaborative environments like Miro are used by PIVOT not to take the place of one-on-one interaction, but actually enhance the traditional design process.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

Kelley Howell, Alexis Thomas, Jacky Grey, Clayton Arrowood