Camas Ridge Elementary School

Eugene School District 4J

The PIVOT team designed the replacement school—an important part of a tight-knit community—for safety, security, efficiency, sustainability, and to be a modern teaching and learning facility. The new building will be a high-quality learning environment built according to current seismic standards for students now and for generations to come.

The design for the new school began by using districtwide visioning, education specifications, planning, and reference materials as guidelines. The team also assessed the property to identify considerations for the site design and location of the new building.

The new Camas Ridge will be built on its current site, which is smaller than typical elementary school sites, with a significant grade change in elevation. While the new school is being constructed, students will be taught at the temporary Willard facility, which PIVOT coordinated.

Views from the administrative office to parking lot let administrators monitor who is coming onto the site for safety purposes. To provide students and staff with daylight, the design team incorporated a number of skylights which are shown reduce glare and bring eight times more light into buildings than windows.

The school will reopen in the fall of 2024.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

John Stapleton, Kelley Howell, Alexis Thomas, KC Eck, Carly Bushman, Stephanie Robert, Francisco Toledo, Scott Clarke, Martha Wassweiler, Molly Winter, Toby Barwood