Blue River Rebuilding Effort

Blue River

The Holiday Farm Fire, one of Oregon’s most devastating natural disasters, destroyed the entire town of Blue River and surrounding communities in the fall of 2020.

The effort to help the communities has been broad and PIVOT is honored to be playing a role in rebuilding to start a new foundation for the upper McKenzie area. PIVOT-led teams are currently designing the replacement Blue River fire station and the new O’Brien Memorial Library which are on adjacent properties.

The Holiday Farm Fire burned more than 173,000 acres and destroyed more than 700 structures in the towns of Blue River, Nimrod, Vida, Finn Rock, and surrounding areas resulting in the evacuation of thousands of people and one death. The wildfire, which ignited the evening of September 7, 2020, quickly engulfed thousands of forested acres through strong winds which also blew heavy smoke and hazardous ash particulate into the Willamette Valley enshrouding the Eugene-Springfield, Corvallis, and Salem areas for more than a week. The fire was not extinguished until mid-October.  The Holiday Farm Fire was part of the 2020 Oregon wildfire season, one of the most destructive on record. More than 1 million acres were scorched, 6,000 structures were lost, and 11 people died.


Architecture, Design, Interior Design

John Stapleton, Jacky Grey, Alexis Thomas, Martha Wassweiler, Francisco Toledo, KC Eck