Portfolio - Industrial

Effieciency is the operative word with many of our industrial clients. Whether it's streamlining a production line, shortening load in and out times, reducing worker-hours per task or just doing more with less, clients hire us for our technical knowledge, strong business relationship skills and our commitment to timelines.

There is also deep beauty in an object, building or process that is highly efficient. Understanding the difference between a design decision that is austere and one that is barren allows an architect to craft beauty from a simple project.

Many of our clients for industrial projects are contractors. We see these design/build teamings as an opportunity to deliver exactly what an Owner wants as efficiently as possible. Designing as an integrated team, where both knowledge and accountability are shared in equal measure has the potential of improved project quality, delivery time, and reduced cost from changes.

Many other clients are public agencies. The same value of efficiency is found here but it tends to take the form of stewardship—of public resources and the environment. Motivated by reduced life-cycle costs, we find many public agencies value energy efficiency, material durability and demonstrating sustainable practices.

For either type of client we have a knowledgeable team ready to focus on the innate beauty of a project’s efficiency.