Portfolio - Multi-Family

Well-designed, affordable, multifamily housing is a vital part of our community, and PIVOT has been fortunate to be a part of several rewarding projects in both urban and suburban contexts. Our designs focus on livability and adaptability for the residents, fostering social cohesion and interaction, and embracing energy efficient measures.

At the site scale, we've enjoyed collaboration with landscape architects to create active, dynamic outdoor spaces for relaxation, play, growing food, or having a picnic. Buildings are well-detailed and carefully delineate public and private spaces. Inside, we seek to maximize efficiency while providing some of the small yet significant comforts we've come to expect in our homes. Sustainable and energy efficient design are integrated seamlessly into our housing communities; we seek out high performing materials and systems to reduce monthly utility cost for the tenant and ongoing maintenance cost for the owner.

Our resident-focused designs have included common spaces for hosting group activities, meals, classes, and other neighborhood activities and are coupled with programs and services to nurture the community atmosphere. Successful design of affordable housing communities requires attention not only to the physical design but the social and community objectives as well.