Portfolio - Renovations

Renovating their existing buildings has helped clients of PIVOT save resources and a significant amount of money. When their existing facilities no longer serve their purposes, many clients are faced with the decision to rebuild or remodel. Although the factors to weigh are varied, in many cases buying and renovating an existing building, or renovating in place, can have many benefits.

Frequently a remodel is less expensive than new construction. If the existing building’s shell and structural system can be reused with modest improvements it bodes well for renovation. Typically mechanical and electrical systems will need updating. Plumbing systems may need reconfiguration and new fixtures. Often times certain finishes can be incorporated into the new project. The more that can be reused the better.

Renovation projects have the opportunity to upgrade a building in keeping with modern sensitivities to sustainability. Improvements to daylighting systems, energy and water use and finish materials should all be considered. After all, reuse in and of itself is admirable, but only part of the puzzle.

A large percentage of our total work takes the form of renovation projects. We have learned to see opportunity in the apparently worn out, cost savings in renovation, and beauty in adaptive reuse.