Portfolio - Public Safety

Who doesn’t like fire stations? Where else can you get to your vehicle by zipping down a pole through the ceiling? They’re full of equipment and vehicles that have mesmerized us for more than a century. And they are staffed with souls who have a special place in our hearts for their selfless devotion to protect us.

The buildings themselves symbolize that spirit of protection from disaster and the support of the community when it happens to strike. As such these building types have special requirements that take experience and knowledge to craft well. PIVOT Architecture has completed dozens of new and remodeled public safety projects over the years.

That experience has taught us to design efficient circulation paths to minimize response time. Make adaptable training and meeting spaces to accommodate varying needs. Enhance team cohesion by making the kitchen and dining space the station hub. It is also important to provide community presence and interaction with appropriate office and administration spaces to serve the community and on-duty crews. Consideration must be given to with¬standing seismic forces so that the facilities will likely be functioning after a disaster. And of course, the overall project must be tuned for rapid response to get people to an incident as fast as possible—like a fire pole.