Portfolio - Commercial

The forces acting on a commercial design problem are immediate and varied. Often a project’s success is simultaneously driven by financing, incentives, tenant requirements, first costs and life cycle costs, and of course, the marketability of style. Our clients need us to understand each and their interactions.

We also understand that much of the glue that holds projects together is the trust established by strong relationships. We are proud of the lasting relationships we’ve carefully nurtured over the years. We’ve been rewarded with eighty percent of our current clientele having worked with us before.

Many commercial projects are heavily influenced by schedule, whether it’s a milestone that must be met or a deadline that is fixed. We carefully manage our staffing to ensure the resources are available to meet a project’s schedule.

We also understand that clients hire us to help them realize a vision. Understanding their vision and realizing opportunities to support it during the design process is a primary focus. In the end it’s what motivated many of us to chose our profession—realizing a dream.