Portfolio - Public

Since public buildings belong to their communities, they face special challenges. They must represent the collective aspirations of a diverse population. Because there are so many owners, public-sector building projects face much more scrutiny than their private-sector cousins. A public building must be an admirable use of public funds. As such it must be designed with longevity to stretch the public’s investment to future generations. Indeed, the buildings we pay for and build for today's needs will spend much of their useful life serving those that come after us. They must be economical to build and to operate over time; durable enough to serve a demanding and occasionally abusive clientelle; flexible enough to change with the times and all the while remain to their communities, beautiful. That last one, beauty, is an integral but too often overlooked part of a building’s longevity: a community keeps the buildings they love.

PIVOT Architecture has a long and rich history of service to public clients. Over the last fifty years, many architects here have shaped their careers with the special expertise this project types demands. What follows is a small sample.