Portfolio - Transit

By providing each employee a pass for our local transit system, we at PIVOT Architecture encourage our coworkers to be transit users, as well as designers. It stems from our belief that alternative transportation has the capacity to make our world better by reducing traffic, conserving energy and promoting compact, walkable communities with livelier downtown districts that create a sense of place among our citizens. We also think that station architecture plays a vital role in transit's success. A significant part of the transit experience is shaped by the places where we get on and off. By making transit ridership enjoyable, we allow it to compete with the lure of the automobile at a level that turns drivers into riders. Well designed stations should facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people, contribute to a neighborhood's vitality, and be a member of the community.

PIVOT Architecture has been working on transit projects from every angle since 1984. What follows is a photo album of some of our adventures.