Kickball anyone?
We love architecture! We live it, speak it, and dream it. We thrive on the challenge to create the tangible from the intangible – from that which begins as an idea, a vision, or a dream. We embrace the privilege of affecting the world in which we live in a positive way. We enjoy being creative; we get excited about great ideas. We discuss, debate, and even argue. In short, we love our work.

We understand how fortunate we are to live in a community that embraces passionate endeavors and we participate with gusto. Whether it’s skiing, raiding the candy bowl, rafting or simply allowing ourselves to splash in the rain… as a group, all of us are people of zest and energy. We don’t reserve this enthusiasm for weekends; we live it and work it every day.

We recognize that, for many clients, a building project is not something that is done often. In the beginning, such a challenge can be intimidating. We help our clients grasp the essentials, and to appreciate the art and science of architecture. We have seen how contagious passion and inspiration can be. We love to see clients come to enjoy the architectural process as much as we do. Some have set up a desk in the corner because they just had to be a part of the action!

Oh, and if you would like to help “feed” our passions, we happily accept candy bowl contributions any time (we have found that chocolate makes even the most difficult problems easily solved).