rain funnel (with Mayer/Reed)
At PIVOT Architecture, we strive to make places that enrich the experiences of our clients, the project’s intended users, and the community at large. We are passionate about the quality of our environment, so seek to improve the human condition and enable the sustainability of our planet. We find common characteristics in those places that are satisfying, economical, beautiful and meaningful.

Architecture responds to its position in the world by acknowledging the relevance of its surroundings. Meaningful designs elevate everything around them; the landscape, culture, climate, quality of light. This relationship between architecture and context informs our work in a fundamental way. It is at the core of our process.

The places that serve us best are pleasing on a profound level. They are satisfying to our senses, our emotions and our intellect; they are beautiful. We believe that beauty is not a luxury, extravagance, or a trace of conspicuous consumption. We do not believe that beauty must be expensive or that it must compromise utility. Instead, we find beauty as the result of thorough and clear thought. We are people that care about what things look like. We believe that beauty is an essential quality necessary to create meaningful places of value.

Design qualities in architecture need to serve us best and longest. It is these qualities that PIVOT Architecture endeavors to find ways of realizing in our work.